Why denying Palestinian statehood is outrageous

Decades of enduring occupation, aggression, strangulation, racism, and their peace offers being rejected, Palestinians look to bypass their oppressors (US & Israel) and go to the UN to be recognized. For years the US and their Nazionist counterparts have demanded Palestinians renounce violence and recognize Israel's right to exist, but it is clear as day that it is the US and Israel who refuse to renounce violence and recognize Palestine.

There is one problem. the US plans on vetoing it. Over the last fifty years the US has by far been in the lead of vetoing resolutions at the UN and the vast majority of them have to do with Israel. In particular: with blocking justice.

After the Gaza War in late 2008, early 2009 most Americans blamed Palestine for the war, and said they used excessive force while the Israelis didn’t use enough.

The disparity in weapons used and the amount they used is enormous. And it shows in the results: there were nearly 1,500 Palestinians killed by the Nazionist terrorists, of which two-thirds were civilians—there was also extensive damage done to civilian infrastructure, and the noose called the embargo, which was put in place following the 2006 free and fair democratic election of Hamas, was tightened. Alternatively, Palestinian freedom fighters killed 9 Israelis, of which 3 were civilians killed by shoddy rockets fired at military installations that have towns closely built around (something called "using human shields" when others do it).

Let’s be clear on some things:

•Israel is occupying Palestine, and has been doing so since the late 1940’s.
•Israel is the one whose borders keep growing day by day.
•Israel is the one who has been making war with its neighbors, with more recently attacking Lebanon, Gaza and Syria, and pushing for attack on Iran (and pushed for the attack on Iraq).
•Israel is blockading Gaza and killing international human rights activists in international waters for the non-crime of breaking the embargo and bringing in food and medicine and supplies to rebuild their communities devastated by Israeli aggression paid for by US taxpayers, and destroyed with US made and supplied weapons.
•Israel is the one who has been shooting down peace offers and refusing to comply with international law for decades.
•Israel rejected Egypt’s peace offer in 1971.
•Israel is the one who invaded Lebanon in the early 1980s to stop the “PLO peace offensive” and killed 20,000 people in the process and wound up occupying parts of the country for nearly twenty years.
•Israel was the main reason the Camp David, Oslo and Taba talks failed.
•Israel is the one who rejected the Arab Peace Plan, which is unanimously supported by the Arab League.
•Israel is the one who rejected the Geneva Accords.
•Israel is the one who rejected Iran’s peace offer in 2003.
•Israel is the one rejected the “hudna”
•Israel is the one who refuses to disarm its nuclear weapons and accept a nuclear weapons-free zone in the region.

It is not Palestine doing these things to Israel, but the other way around.

And it is for these reasons—and no doubt more can be added to this list—that it is absurd for the Americans to say that a Palestinian state must come about via negotiations. It is pure hypocrisy, cynicism and deceit to deny how Israel has obstructed such negotiations at nearly every turn. The message President Obama is giving to the Palestinians is clear: we prefer you just the way you are: under our thumb.

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