Why is Glenn Greenwald alone defending Assange against a gang of British Liberal piranhas?

On the Media Lens message board, Gabriele Zamparini has been diligently monitoring the digraceful feeding frenzy (largely via Twitter but also in pages of the UK liberal press) over Julian Assange since he requested political asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

Nick Cohen – the ultra paranoid cheerleader for the Iraq war based on non-existent WMD – wrote an article for the liberal UK Guardian today in which he claims Assange's supporters "define " the word "paranoiac".


As has often been the case in recent days with any attack on Assange, British pundits rushed to use their Twitter accounts to praise and spread Cohen's work:


A noble exception to the steady stream of contempt and ridicule for Assange has been provided by Glenn Greenwald, a US writer.  His Britsh counterparts, if they exist, have been keeping their heads down – way down. This has emboldened the likes of Cohen and others to get ever sleazier in their attacks.

Consider Joan Smith's piece for the “left” UK Independent

Among other equally brilliant insights into Assange's case, she offers this

“He's put on weight, his face is puffy and he didn't bother to shave before his interview with Correa”

Pundits have a bully's keen sense for an easy target for whom no fact checking or logic is required. In fact, any kind of cheap shot or personal attack is acceptable and even praised by the liberal gang.

Below is a list of the prominent people in the USA who have openly called for Assange's assassination.

Of course, there is no such list for the comfortable British pundits who have been smearing Assange and having a good laugh over his plight.

Zamparini summed things up well

"…there are many people who tweet very rational, informed comments but they are not corporate journalists (with those extremely rare exceptions I posted). From this caste comes most insults, misinformation, propaganda, smears and… silence, the deafening silence of those chicken-radicals who have found a cozy nest in the liberal press, abandoning human dignity…."


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