Why Michigan Must Become A Major Area of Focus for Groups Working Toward a Participatory Society.

Michigan, quite simply, is the most important land mass on the planet when it comes to the long term strategic interests of the world population. Why? Because Michigan is almost surrounded by fresh water. According to ranking U.S. military planners, the future wars will be the result of conflicts over fresh water. If a participatory society is to become a reality, we must first overcome the oppressive system, and to do that we stop the opponent from achieving it’s long term objective: securing the world’s fresh water resources.   

I will be making a series of post’s shortly exposing operations currently underway by global elites to secure fresh water. They will focus on the events, there eventual history, and how Benton Harbor is of critical importance if we are ever going to solve the major global problems.  

The material will fall under two general themes, the legal situation of political prisoner Rev. Pinkney,  and the issues surrounding a park on Lake Michigan in Benton Harbor. Two of Z’s very own, Ted Glick and Paul Street, have reported on these two general themes. 




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