Why the Democrats suck

  1. 'Why the Democrats suck'

    "Act Two. Mr. Hitt Goes To Washington." on Ira Glass's "this American Life explores the problems with the Democrats' perspective and message, which culminated most recently in the disastrous Nov. 2 mid-term election.

    According to the show's promotional materials, "Jack Hitt has spent the last two years watching the Obama administration lose the news cycle and war of soundbites to Republicans day after day. Watching the Democrats run away from issues like health care reform and middle class tax cuts, Hitt wonders if there is some secret long-term master plan the Democrats are deploying, or if they're just incompetent. He goes to a Democratic Party insider—Paul Begala—to try to understand what the thinking behind the last two years of Democratic messaging has been. (16 minutes)."
    Begala is a sometimes insightful but seriously flawed commentator, yet the segment is worth hearing. For my critique of Begala and James Carville's Take it Back, see

    www.democraticunderground.com  orwww.zcomm.org/civil-war-looming-among-dems-by-roger-bybee

    The tape segment is available on line at :

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