Wisconsin Solidarity Rally in NYC

100,000 in Wisconsin today, February 26, 2011.
The challenge? Find it.
Here it is!

But I don't think it mentions the NYCity rally. It's not in the New York/Region section at all.
Maybe NY1? Nope, not a mention. Although they did have big coverage of the Planned Parenthood rally which followed the Union one.
It's amazing. NY1 is like the NYTimes. They keep the best information for the end of the article. "At the rally, Senator Charles Schumer told NY1 he was certain that the amendment would not pass the Senate. Should Congress pass the spending bill with the Pence amendment, President Barack Obama has threatened to veto the measure."
Not in NY Daily News.
ABC NY covered it! It's the top story:
"Several thousand people gathered in front of New York's City Hall Saturday to show their support for government worker unions in Wisconsin."
CBS covered the Planned Parenthood rally.
And the Union rally too!
"Hundreds of demonstrators in New York and Albany…"


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