Wow. This website is terrible.

Well, my biography is burried in my account info.  I changed my biography (after finding it) to include a link to my blog, and it still hasn’t shown up on by biography page.  And that’s just the beginning.

I made a featured box, because there wasn’t a place in the left-side navigation menu that would let me make a blog post.  I still don’t know where that featured box ended up, nor what one is.  Eventually I found a link to "quick blog post", so we’ll see if this works at all.

I can’t add anything to "My Favorite Pages", so I can View/Edit my non-existent favorites, which I presume means links, but I can’t add any.

As a user of this website, now a sustainer, and as a Certified Usability Analyst, I wonder if ANY usability testing was ever done on this site.  How can you expect anyone to pay to use this site when it is so unusable!?  I have been trying to pay to become a sustainer for MONTHS, but only now is it taking my credit card.  I actually had to use a different one, because appearently Zcom doesn’t take Visa from one of my banks, but will take Visa from my other bank.

So lets see where this posts when I hit save.  I sure as hell don’t know at this point.

Ah, posting this requires that I choose from main categories, none of which apply to this post.  Lovely.

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