Write More Than You Read, Saith Nietschze….

My background: My grandparents were farmers and my parents were both public school teachers. I was a seasonal laborer at age 12. I make $12 an hour raising at-risk millionaire/billionaire kids. Though I'm considered very good at what I do, my raise last year was less than the cost-of-living increase. I just lost my house to foreclosure and can barely afford an apartment for me and my two kids.  After working for my company for over a year, they switched insurance companies and my health issues were categorized as "preexisting" and for 6 months I had to cover all my health-care expenses out of pocket, which took my entire month's salary and then some, since I'm bipolar and take a lot of meds and see a counselor once a week (which might account for why I'm considered so good at what I do w/o any formal training). On top of the mental health issues that devasted me most with insomnia from age 26 to 36, I now suffer from spinal arthritis issues. Though, Mother Nature's mediocre efforts at disabling me have left me successfully treatable for both Bipolar Disorder and cervical arthritis. However, I've had a taste of how difficult it must be for folks to live (or not) with these health issues (even in the US, and especially in Third World countries), and, am motivated to sign up here and do something about it, if possible…..

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