XMAs haggards on UN-constitutional wars

XMAs haggards on UN-constitutional wars              12-21-10 (c) by "R" Addison
         You want a happy Human Rights Day? I wanted a happy Winter Solstice… over One Hundred arrested on sidewalk in front of war-Laureate’s house this past Saturday but where is the heartily response to their being able to “afford” the arrests for another peace-purpose-ful event coupled to non-Violence?? Right question. Anxiety-laced trauma is too existent?
Where have you all been protesting!! The meagre dissent of past two decades has not changed the UN-constitutional patterns of the police-state apparatus; the prosaic lack of dissenters has not challenged the issues of illegality in court, yet; the complement of demagogue tee-vee has not been protested against, like in front their offices, yet?
The veterans from exploding the nerve-agent and chemical weapons storage factories have come home to sitting around waiting to die from NSDU-238? Have you thought of the destitution that has caused to the Iraqs women, the Iraqs children, the Iraqs refugees in the millions? Where are the public reports seen on that “illegal venture”? Does the United Nations allow reporters not to go into the field and seek proper endemnity of illegal actions, or does embed-your-mind mean the wars are an anti-Reality??
The allowance of Pentagons to spout the secrecy venom of wasting billions of dollars since 1990, has had its place at the empire’s table. The venal illicitness has been exposed by wikiLeaks Dilpomacy—what is so-called secrecy cables or cable-Gate–that the killings and invasions are considered good for you, is yet done by the Oligarchs, by the bureaucrats, by the leadership of technocrats.
We think and then say “peace”. The pentagons and illicit war-mongers Congressional idiots do not say “peace” Do they know how to speak one word? You should have peace at home, but those words are not known outside of this home because they are only spoken by me. What am I your humanity select?
The wars were/are illegal to begin, and I should not have enlisted, an overseas “bases over-There” attitude. There was no reason for now as millions in these past 5-wars continuing an illegally to go overseas in maintenance of supporting the world’s biggest “hydro-Carbons Polluter” the Pentagons. You are supporting an illegal empire! There was not enough truth. Their lack of clarity has only added to continuation of one-party parody. The complacent public has been lied to by the one-Party parody, five times and onLy the over-flight war 1994 thru 1999– they say– did not use depleted uranium?
The usury is disgust. The disgust has no disguise, the demagogues are afraid of you, so they use “fear’ as an excuse for continuation of “murdering civilians” by edict of mouth, and illegal support when the word “traitor” is used. They top the list of chaos is good. But they cannot relate to me saying the word,
P             E             A           C           E                 is  
Bring the bases home…
What is my suggestion if you think you can suffer thru a Christmas or continue a channukah is the “Utility of the word”  peace  must be used before you & I enjoin to even think Christmas is good for any-think-Tank method other than “dead-trees”… don’t unjustly think peace, say the word PEACe… with green letters!
To all ye butt-Holds,
        wars are nonsense against non-Violence
may you try peace and not passive-pacificity pacifiying nowhere is Nothing?
                        luv, the peace-Warrior,
                                “R” Addison
p.s. I sent out photos to some who are too old not to thank me for their feebleness, but then that was you, who have not seen the 7-8 million acres of dead-conifers Colorado AND the 20 million acres in Alaska– ten years back– also a wasted mind-Scape allotting!

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