Z Outreach and ZCC

Currently, there have been several calls for participation from Michael and Chris, but I don’t think they can do it alone.  One conclusion we may come to is that nagging doesn’t work.  The other is that maybe the 700 active sustainers need to assist with the nagging.  Either the other 500000 Z users will run away screaming or they may start participating. 

When looking at the Z groups, I see many different groups, but I don’t see a default group for organizing sustainers within a community.  There is no default geographic presence for Z magazine (except for woodshole, MA), ZCC, Z education, no Z user’s groups etc.  How do members of ZCC, and the Z community, feel about making part of ZCC’s mission one of outreach and organizing for Z in general?  ZCC could have regional clubs and meeting places, where sustainers can get together, strategize, help each other with web site features, and debate and discuss issues face to face, rather than online.  ZCC could also attempt to provide regional places where members of Z School could get together to discuss material in a face to face manner. 

So far, looking at where we are located, we have the following users and regions.

Jonathan Schindler: Saint Louis, MO, USA

Tolstoy’s Cat: Newton, NJ, USA

Scot Cehvraz: CO, USA

Marcus Denton: Austin, TX, USA

Charlie Earp: Unknown

Tayssir John Gabbour: ??,USA

Justin George: Melbourne, Australa

Dan Goodman: Paris, France

Thomas Herndon: Amherst, MA, USA

Daniel Keshet: ??

Aaron Stark: Ypsilanti, MI, US

Mitchell Szczepanczyk: Chicago, IL, USA

H Troll: ??, US


It looks like we have midwest of the USA covered, with CO, MI, MO, and IL.  We have the east coast US with NJ and MA.  We also have TX, where Dan and Marcus are located (Dan’s not a sustainer, so not an ‘official’ member).  We also have two members outside the US, one in France and Australia.  This is a start.


How would our current members feel about gathering people together in their local region?  How would current members feel about contacting other sustainers that are located in other geographical areas, to see if they can help in this effort?

If there is interest, then could we make our first task sending out emails to all sustainers in our local region and gathering together in 2 weeks?  The first meeting could cover something as simple as helping people who are less comfortable with computers set up their zspace page.  It could also provide the motivation for people to participate. 

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