Zblog conversations

I got curious about a Zblog exchange in Italian. I don’t understand Italian or anything, I was just wondering who was conversing in Italian. Thanks to that curiousity I found this three-month-old post by Arif Ishaq on Active Listening – a skill I’ve always wanted competence with. The blog post is way, way under the fold by now. It would be nice if the Zspace entry page, listed sustainer comments on sustainer blogs as well as comments on Znet articles. If that would make the Zspace entry page too overwhelming maybe another page of Zspace activity tracking would be helpful.

Anyway Arif Ishaq’s post got me to track down some three-year-old Justin Podur blog posts about psychology and education. It was nice to be reminded of alternative conversation strategies.This is my recent comment on an older post. The various links might be worthwhile….

Hello Arif Ishaq, your intro to Marianella Sclavi here brought to mind another series of useful, psychology/conversation blog posts by Justin Podur. You just motivated me to find Podur’s post on The Gentle Art of Self Defense by Suzette Haden Elgin.(I just linked her name to the blog post on Detachment – which you’d probably need to become ‘an explorer of possible worlds‘ and ‘accept the self-contradictions that come to the fore in personal thoughts and interpersonal communications‘. He continued is ‘psychology stream’ with Alice Miller, Trauma and Youth Liberation and Alfie Kohn’s education outlook as positively anarchist. I’m looking forward to developing a ‘humorous methodology.’

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