ZCC Topics of the week

 I wrote a blog, but it timed out, and I lost all of my material.  So, this one’s going to be a bit shorter.

Here’s what I’m trying to do:
1.  https://zconsumerscouncil.org/mediawiki – I’ve set up a wiki here since zmag.org removed theirs.  Does anyone want to administer this wiki?
2.  https://zconsumerscouncil.org/bugs – I’ve set up a bugtracking server here.  Does anyone want to volunteer to help with administration of this?  What do people think?
3.  We’ve been trying to communicate using various methods, chat, email, forums, and blog responses.  What do people think so far?  I’ve been thinking we should try some kind of teleconferencing, online/vonage/skype/etc, or offline via more traditional services.  Does someone want to research this and we can discuss it at our next weekly meeting?
4.  I want to set up a time for us to meet.  I think until we get local groups off the ground, we should try to meet an hour a week.  Later we can move to once a month.  I’m free from 7-10 pm CST, and am free on the weekends.  But, I’m sure others have less free time, so what works best for everyone else?  
5.  Are there any ideas people have about how we want to organize our volunteer effort on the site?  Currently I think we could just have people volunteer to administer a section, and then when we meet, we could vote to approve it.  What do others think?
6.  Any other ideas on what to add to the site?  email, forums?  Any ideas on what we shouldn’t do with the site?
7.  Collaboration methods – I’ve had two ideas so far, using google docs (still my preferred method, but requires people to sign up for a google account), or we could use our media wiki for collaborative writing efforts (like our group letter to sustainers)
8.  Finally, does anyone else want to help with the administration of zconsumerscouncil.org as a whole?  I plan on doing quite a bit of it myself, but could always use another admin to help keep things running.  This will require a bit more knowledge of unix administration, so unless you’re technical, this may not be your cup of tea.  
I think the best way to tackle the above topics is for people to volunteer for the topic in a post below.  And then other users can respond in the appropriate forum thread.  I’ll update the blog post to reflect who is handling what.  Finally, I’m sure I’m leaving out other people’s ideas, aspirations, etc, so please let me know, and I’ll add it to the list above.
Thanks again,

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