ZCCWiki Update – 2009Feb24

Hey folks,

-There’s a greeting on the main page, the community portal is a temporary locale for a brief and not-comprehensive intro to Wiki for those who haven’t done it and Current Events lists ideas and stuff.

-The Community Portal doesn’t emphasize and should/will that clicking on a pages ‘discussion’ tab makes it easy to have a forum/discussion/thread on that page. I mention ‘talk’ but I haven’t distinguished the difference between the two yet. But, you’ll eventually see both of them.

-I’m reading manuals and clicking on help stuff, but – lol – I haven’t figured out how to create a page. I understand it’s a default setting for access, but I don’t see a ‘create page’ button or anything like it anywhere. Help, Jon! : )

Hmmmm… that’s what I can think of so far. I’ll put a copy of it on the ZForums where Jonathan moved things, too.


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