ZCom: How about the Balkans?

The past couple of years I have enjoyed being a sustainer in ZCom. Both the amount of information available, as well as the possibility of expressing ideas have been very important to me.

However, these are just two one-way streets for me. I’ll explain why:

I live in Greece, which is a European, but also a Balkan country. The majority of issues covered by Zcom are (naturally) US-oriented. Most of international affairs concern regions where US involvement is greatest, e.g. Iraq, Middle East etc, or where an important social experiment is underway (e.g. Venezuela). This is perfectly understandable, as most readers/sustainers relate with these issues the most.

However, people like me, i.e. not from one of these regions may feel a bit "left out", though we may also be very interested in the above mentioned issues.

I know that there is a Balkan project in ZCom, but as far as I could tell, it is mostly Serbian and rather topical. I, personally, could not follow it. So my question is (mainly to other Balkan readers/sustainers): do you see the possibility of a Balkan project?

The requirement being international participation, I guess English is the way to go.

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