ZMI – Past and Present

Just thought I’d post something quick about the upcoming Z Media Institute this June, to try and accomplish a few things:

– Find out who is going and start getting to know people (reveal yourselves in the comments section, if you so please, and we could even start using ZMessenger to try getting in touch). This will come in handy when we’re taking the bus to Woods Hole and wondering the whole time whether or not we’re sitting next to someone that we’ll be sleeping in the same room with for the next week.

– Reach out to ZMI grads for suggestions on what to expect, how to get the most out of the classes and guest lectures, recommended classes, and other tips, most importantly including where the best bars on the Cape are…

– Encourage current and future ZMI graduates to join the appropriate new Z Group to get (or stay) in touch.

You’d think that ZMI students would be pretty active on this site, so, come on, let’s do a little organizing!


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