ZSpacin’-and now for something completely unconditional


24 hours of hangin’ and perusin’. I’ve had lots of questions and comments, BUT! And this is a biggie. I’ve come back home! I’ve been in-and-around these past 15 years – before there was even a webspace. But I’d come home like an adult kid coming back to the parent’s home. Yep, there’s always a comfy bed, home cookin’, and lots of things I need, but I’m always right back out-the-door.

I’m very happy to say, that I’m glad to move back in! lol! These past 24 hours I’ve had all sorts of tabs open on my browser with Z this and Z that and this is just from hangin’ out around this shed (read pavilion). This is a very good sign! I am happy to be a sustainer and I am terribly appreciative of the work that has gone into this space and what it feels like now.

Now I hope I don’t overstay my welcome.

p.s. The analogy is a little off as far as the actual interaction, but it brings the emotional point home.

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