ABC’s of Political Economy

The ABCs of Political Economy is an accessible introduction to modern political economy. While informed by the work of Marx, Keynes, Veblen, Kalecki and other great political economists, Robin Hahnel teaches the reader the essential tools necessary to understand economic issues today from a modern perspective, searching for ways to replace the economics of competition and greed with the economics of equitable co-operation. The ABCs of Political Economy empowers people who are dissatisfied with today’s economies but are often intimidated by conventional economic analysis. No previous economics background is assumed, and everything is explained in verbal form in eight core chapters.Examining the nature of today’s economic market, issues of economic justice, macroeconomics and globalization, Robin Hahnel provides an ideal introduction to key economic ideas, offering a critical perspective on our present system and outlining clear alternatives for the future.

Table of Contents
1. Economics and Liberating Theory
2. What Should We Demand from Our Economy?
3. A Simple Corn Model
4. Markets. Guided by an Invisible Hand or Foot?
5. Micro Economic Models
6. Macro Economics. Aggregate Demand as Leading Lady
7. Money, Banks and Finance
8. International Economics: Mutual Benefit or Imperialism?
9. Macro Economic Models
10. What Is To Be Undone? The Economics of Competition and Greed
11. What Is To Be Done? The Economics of Equitable Cooperation

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