In Anti-Capitalism (Seven Stories Press; June 2011), international activist and scholar Ezequiel Adamovsky debunks the assumption that though capitalism is flawed, it is the best system we have.  Here, he tells the story of the long-standing effort to build a better world, one without an abusive system at its heart.
Backed up by bold, cheeky images from the radical artist group United Illustrators, Adamovsky details the struggle against rising corporate power, as that struggle unfolds in the halls of academia, in the pages of radical newspapers, in small villages and city streets.
From Marx and Bakunin to the Battle of Seattle, the Global Days of Action, and beyond, Adamovsky traces the beliefs and politics of the major figures in the anticapitalist tradition and explores modern experiments in building different ways of living, in the process providing an indispensible primer for anyone interested in finding alternatives to the so-called "best system we have"—and anyone interested in joining the fight.
Ezequiel Adamovsky is a writer and activist, as well as a frequent contributor to Z Magazine, OpenDemocracy.org, and many other activist and progressive outlets.  He lives in Buenos Aires.
Formed during the Argentinean political uprising of 2001, Ilustradores Unidos is a group of visual artists with the objective of providing artistic and political support for all kinds of protests through their images.
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Available in other languages
-In Spanish by Era Naciente, Buenos Aires, 2003.
-In German by Karl Dietz Verlag, Berlin, 2007.
-In Japanese by Akashi Shoten, Tokyo, 2007.
-In Korean by Samcheolli Publishing Co., Seoul, 2009.

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