Anti-Capitalism for Beginners: The New Generation of Emancipatory Movements

Anticapitalismo para principiantes: la nueva generación de movimientos emancipatorios
[Anti-Capitalism for Beginners: The New Generation of Emancipatory Movements]

Illustrated by Ilustradores Unidos

German Edition by Karl Dietz Verlag, www.rosalux.de/cms/index.php?id=13549

Japanese Edition by Akashi Shoten, www.akashi.co.jp/home.htm

What is capitalism, and what are its weaknesses? What does “bio-power”, oppression or exploitation mean? How does the state work, and which are the conditions for “autonomy”? What does “counter-power”, “Empire” and “multitude” mean? What is the difference between direct action and civil disobedience? How is a “horizontal” and network-like organization? Is there such a thing as a “global movement”? What kind of revolution do we want? Anti-Capitalism for beginners deals with all these questions and more, from the viewpoint of the new social movements and the most recent radical thinking. The text by Ezequiel Adamovsky, together with the powerful illustration of the Popular Serigraphy Workshop, introduce these themes in a clear way, but without losing depth. The book includes a non-economicist analysis of capitalism, an alternative account of the history of struggles for emancipation, a list of differences and similarities between new anti-capitalism and the traditional left, and a series of new proposals to change the world in concrete ways. It also analyses the emergence of new political forms and ideas, as seen in concrete cases of indigenous, peasant, worker, women, immigrant, and environmentalist movements from all over the world, from India to Latin America, and from Europe to South Africa.

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