Beyond Old Left: Six Essays for a New Anti-Capitalism

Más allá de la vieja izquierda Seis ensayos para un nuevo anticapitalismo [Beyond Old Left: Six Essays for a New Anti-Capitalism] Contents: Part One: Left Culture of the Present Time/Left Culture Worn Out, 1. For an Ethics of Radical Equality; 2. Sense and Sensibility in Left Culture. Part Two: Global and Local: Agency, Identity and Emancipation, 3. Politics after Seattle: The Emergence of a New Global Resistance; 4. The Fatherland of Emancipation (and the anxiety for the nation in Argentinean culture). Part Three: Forms of Organization and Strategy for an Autonomous Politics, 5. The Asambleas Movement in Argentina: Balance Sheet of an Experience; 6. Autonomous Politics and its Problems.

Download PDF of full book here.

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