Education Under the Security State

This highly acclaimed volume in the Defending Public Schools series is now available in paperback from Teachers College Press. It is a practical, necessary addition to the work of administrators, teachers, policymakers, and parents as they negotiate the difficult path of how to best teach and educate today's children and youth.

"Education under the Security State is a volume that vividly and bravely speaks to the crisis of our age. . . . It examines with analytical suppleness and great political verve contemporary conflicts around educational policy, revealing how both policy and pedagogy have been impacted by the increasing militarization, privatization, and corporatization of the security state as well as shifting dynamics within media culture. What becomes clear in Education under the Security State is that the real threat to the security state is not terrorism but the struggle for democracy."
—From the Foreword by Peter McLaren, University of California, Los Angeles

Contents and Contributors
Introduction: Defending Public Education from the Public, David A. Gabbard • Part I: The Security State and the Traditional Role of Schools"Welcome to the Desert of the Real": A Brief History of What Makes Schooling Compulsory, David A. Gabbard • The State, the Market, & (Mis)education, Takis Fotopoulos • Part II: Security Threats • What Is The Matrix? What Is the Republic?: Understanding "The Crisis of Democracy", David A. Gabbard • Civic Literacy at Its Best: The "Democratic Distemper" of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), John Marciano • A Matter of Conflicting Interests?: Problematizing the Traditional Role of Schools, Sandra JacksonPart III: Security Measures: Defending Public Education from the Public • A Nation at Risk—RELOADED: The Security State and the New World Order, David A. Gabbard • The Hegemony of Accountability: The Corporate-Political Alliance for Control of Schools, Sandra Mathison and E. Wayne Ross • Neoliberalism and Schooling in the United States: How State and Federal Government Education Policies Perpetuate Inequality, David W. Hursh and Camille Anne Martina • State Theory and Urban School Reform I: A Reconsideration from Detroit, Barry M. Franklin • State Theory and Urban School Reform II: A Reconsideration from Milwaukee, Thomas C. Pedroni • Cooking the Books: Educational Apartheid with No Child Left Behind, Sheila L. Macrine • The Securitized Student: Meeting the Demands of Neoliberalism, Kenneth J. Saltman • Enforcing the Capitalist Agenda For and In Education: The Security State at Work in Britain and the United States, Dave Hill • Privatization and Enforcement: The Security State Transforms Higher Education, John F. Welsh

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