My Life Fidel Castro

 “For years people have tried to persuade the leader of the Cuban Revolution to tell his own life story. Here finally in a series of probing interviews, Fidel Castro has broken his silence. 

Fidel Castro’s life began on a sugar plantation eighty years ago. He went on to graduate as a lawyer, lead a failed revolution against the Batista regime, be tried and imprisoned, flee to Mexico, return to start a guerrilla war and, in 1959, at the age of thirty-two, march triumphantly on Havana. He soon became Prime Minister and has remained in power ever since, surviving nine US presidents and countless assassination attempts along the way. 

In this book, Castro describes his life from the 1930s all the way up to the present day. He discusses everything: his parents, his earliest influences, the beginnings of the revolution, his relationship with Che Guevara, the Bay of Pigs, the missile crisis, the Carter years, Cuban migration to the US. Ignacio Ramonet also challenges Castro to discuss his views on a number of controversial questions from human rights and freedom of the press to the repression of homosexuality and the survival of the death penalty, and asks Castro to give his frank opinion of other leaders, alive and dead, including George Bush and Tony Blair. 

This is an opportunity for both supporters and opponents alike to read, in his own words, the life story of one of the most controversial figures of the twentieth century. His position in history is guaranteed – this is his perspective”. 


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