Ezequiel Adamovsky: Anti-Capitalism for Beginners: The New Generation of Emancipatory Movements

Anticapitalismo para principiantes: la nueva generación de movimientos emancipatorios [Anti-Capitalism for Beginners: The New Generation of Emancipatory Movements] Illustrated by Ilustradores Unidos German Edition by Karl Dietz Verlag, Japanese Edition by Akashi Shoten, What is capitalism, and what are its weaknesses? What does “bio-power”, oppression or exploitation mean? How does the state work, Read more…

Michael Albert: Liberating Theory

A collectively authored volume that provides a unique conceptual framework for understanding contemporary US society and history, and developing a dynamic vision and strategy for social change. The authors combine and transcend various theories of history (marxism, anarchism, feminism, and nationalism) to develop an alternative conceptual framework, complementary holism. Applying this framework to questions of Read more…

Tom Hanifin: Scars of Womb Envy

THE CHAPTERS      1. Scars of Womb Envy    2. Revolution and Other Broken Promises    3. The Seraphim…the Rarest Whores of Love    4. Borders, Prisons and Insane Asylums…the Last Weapons of Mass Destruction    5. Lovers and Heretics, the Politically Incorrect and Other Enemies of the State    6. Prayers for the Read more…

Tom Hanifin: Ave. of the Americas

Conversations at night with the ageing couple protected from warmth…by you, the winds of Nature…and God.

Tom Hanifin: The Donor

An adventure.

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