Poietics: Disquisitions on the Art of Creation


T. Wignesan

T.Wignesan, a Stateless Person, born to immigrant Tamil parents in the dense jungle outpost station in Kuala Krai, Kelantan (one of four un-Federated Malay States where sultans reigned under Siamese suzerainty) where his father was posted by the British Railway Administration – apparently to shoot on sight vagrant tigers – was kicked out of the Federation of Malaya in 1962. After four years of schooling, he dropped out to fend for himself. He has worked and studied in London, Heidelberg, Berlin, Madrid and Paris. His first book: Tracks of a Tramp (a first collection of poems)won no prize but it served as a lever for getting his second book published in London, and since then, the leaning Pisa tower of the established book trade collapsed on his pen and blunted it for good. And as a result, he managed to edit and publish a dozen academic journals/books and has put out some ten… Read more

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