Prison of Grass: Canada from a Native Point of View

Originally published in 1975, this important work is nwo back in print in a revised and updated edition. Since its first publication it has become a classic of revisionnist history. Bringing a Native viewpoint to the settlement of the West, Howard Adams’s book shook its readers. What Native people had to say for themselves was quite different from the convenient picture of history that even the most sympathetic books by white authors had presented. Until Adams’s book, the cultural, historical, and psychological aspects of colonialism for Native people ahd not been explored in depth. In Prison of Grass Adams objects to the popular historical notion that Natives were warring savages, without government, seeking to be civilized. He contrasts the official history found in the federal government’s documents iwth the unpublished history of the Indian and Metis people. In this new edition Howard Adams brings the latest statistics to bear on his arguments and provides a new Preface.


Howard Adams grew up in a Metis community in Saskatchewan. He obtained a PhD at the University of California and taught in the college of education at the University of Saskatchewan. Adams had been a leader in the Native rights movement. Howard Adams died in Vancouver in September 2001.

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