Race, Ethnicity, and Education (Vols. 1-4)

The volumes address ways in which race and ethnicity affect learning across the life span, at all levels of formal education as well as in informal educational settings. Issues of school curriculum, instruction, and administration are examined. These volumes aim to address both the foundational assumptions and the practices of education in relation to changing conceptions of race and ethnicity. Volume One, Principles and Practices of Multicultural Education, examines issues of equity, school reform, teacher education, and school leadership. Volume 2, Language and Literacy in Schools, presents an overview of language and literacy learning for Latino and Asian American students, and gives general and specific recommendations for improved performance. The third volume, Racial Identity in Education, examines concepts of racial and ethnic identity and how they affect teaching and learning. The final volume, Racism and Antiracism in Education, looks at "color-blind racism;" "white supremacy" in the curriculum; race and testing; critical race pedagogy and anti-racist education; and globalization. Outstanding scholars contributing to this timely collection include: Eduardo Bonilla-Silva; George J. Sefa Dei; Donna Y. Ford; Vivian Gadsden; Carl A. Grant; Edmund W. Gordon; Joyce E. King; and Kevin K. Kumashiro.

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