The Curious Courtship of Women’s Liberation and Socialism

Batya Weinbaum taught multicultural literature at Cleveland State University, 1998-2003 and currently researches and writes for Women Review of Books, WeMoon, various encylopedias, and continuing to publish her own critical and creative work. She received her PhD from University of Massachusetts at Amherst in 1996, and a Masters from SUNY Buffalo in American Studies in 1986. She has published Islands of Women and Amazons: Representations and Realities (U of Texas Press, 1999) and two books of feminist theory with South End Press, and a collection of short stories with Clothespin Fever. Her critical work has appeared in such journals as NWSA Journal, Studies in American Jewish Literature, Utopian Studies, Monthly Review, Review of Radical Political Economics, Extrapolation, Science Fiction Studies, Foundation, Women in Judaism, Biography, Frontiers, and Studies in Progressive Judaism as well as Peace Review. She has also published fiction and poetry in venues such as Home Planet News, Spectrum, Key West Review, Feminist Review, Town Crier, Big Fish, and ThoughtCrime. She is the mother of one, Ola, and in the summer really craves VT. She is working on an eight act play, Waiting for Justice, and completion of a novel, Mirages and Nightmares: Sasha Weitzwoman in the Mad Hotel, which is about Jerusalem. She works with the Cleveland Heights Homegrown Learners Cooperative, and lectures on such topics as Ecopsychology and Healing.

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