The Ecology of Freedom – The Emergence and Dissolution of Hierarchy


Introduction to the 1991 Edition Twenty Years Later…


  1. The concept of Social Ecology
  2. The Outlook of Organic Society
  3. The Emergence of Hierarchy
  4. Epistemologies of Rule
  5. The Legacy of Domination
  6. Justice- Equal and Exact
  7. The Legacy of Freedom
  8. From Saints to Sellers
  9. Two Images of Technologies
  10. The Social Matrix of Technology
  11. The Ambiguities of Freedom
  12. An Ecological Society




"The very notion of the domination of nature by man stems from the very real domination of human by human." With this succinct formulation, Murray Bookchin launches his most ambitious work, The Ecology of Freedom. An engaging and extremely readable book of breathtaking scope, its inspired synthesis of ecology, anthropology and political theory traces our conflicting legacies of hierarchy and freedom from the first emergence of human culture to today’s globalized capitalism, constantly pointing the way to a sane, sustainable ecological future.

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