The Empire’s New Clothes

 A sequel to Street’s Barack Obama and the Future of American Politics, this new book documents and assesses Obama’s newly emergent record on domestic and foreign politics against his original agenda for change. Although mainstream journalists have noted discrepancies between Obama’s original vision and reality, Paul Street uniquely measures Obama’s record against the expectations of the truly progressive agenda many of his supporters expected him to follow. Taken together, the list of Obama’s weakened policies is startling: his business-friendly measures with the economy, the lack of support for the growing mass of unemployed and poor, the dilution of his health reform agenda, the passage of a record-setting Pentagon budget, and the escalation of U.S. military violence in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia. Street’s account reveals these and many other indications of how deeply beholden Obama is to existing dominant domestic and global hierarchies and doctrines. His new book yields a perspective on Obama and current politics that is scarcely found in mainstream media. No progressive reader will want to miss it!


Introduction: “An Instant Overhaul for Tainted See More
‘Brand America:’”

Chapter 1: Business Rule as Usual
Chapter 2: The Empier’s New Clothes: Words and Deeds in Obama’s Foreign Policy
Chapter 3: Corporate-Managed “Health Reform”
Chapter 4: Barack Obama, the Myth of the Post-Racial Presidency, and the Politics of Identity
Chapter 5: Big Brother Lives
Chapter 6: We Were Warned
Afterword: Beyond the Perverted and Deadly Priorities of Empire and Inequality, Inc.

Postscript: The Sorry Surrender of the So-Called Radical Left

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