The Participation Reader

About the Book

Calls for greater participation of those affected by development interventions in shaping their outcomes have a long history. This reader explores the conceptual and methodological dimensions of participatory research and the politics and practice of participation in development. Through excerpts from the texts that have inspired contemporary advocates of participation, accounts of the principles of participatory research and empirical studies that show some of the complexities of participation in practice, it offers a range of reflections on participation that will be of interest to those new to the field and experienced practitioners alike. Bringing together for the first time classic and contemporary writings from a literature that spans a century, it offers a unique perspective on the possibilities and dilemmas that face those seeking to enable those whom development affects to gain greater voice in determining decisions and directions for development projects, programmes and policies.

About the Editor

Andrea Cornwall is a Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex. She has worked in the field of participation for many years, and is author of Beneficiary, Consumer, Citizen: Perspectives on Participation for Poverty Reduction (Sida 2000), and co-editor of Pathways to Participation (with Garett Pratt, IT Publications 2003), Feminisms in Development: Contradictions, Contestations and Challenges (with Elizabeth Harrison and Ann Whitehead, Zed Books 2006) and Spaces for Change? The Politics of Citizen Participation in New Democratic Arenas (with Vera Schattan Coelho, Zed Books 2006).

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