The Politics of Nonviolent Action: The Dynamics of Nonviolent Action

The Politics of Nonviolent Action is a major exploration of the nature of nonviolent struggle. This unabridged edition is in three volumes: Power and Struggle, The Methods of Nonviolent Action, and The Dynamics of Nonviolent Action.

The Dynamics of Nonviolent Action is an illustrated analysis of how the technique “works” against a violent, repressive opponent. Includes discussion of the groundwork for such struggle, as well as requirements for effectiveness and reactions to repression.


"…must reading for anyone interested in war and peace, whether a scholar or a citizen."-Seymour Martin Lipset, Harvard University

"…a monumental piece of work…it will be a valuable contribution to the study of relations among states and to the search for valid alternative defense policies."-Colonel Donald F. Bletz, Military Review

"Gene Sharp is the Clausewitz of nonviolent warfare."-Michael Ferber

"…offers probably the finest treatise that has been written on the general subject of nonviolent action."-Dennis Dalton, South Asian Review

"…indispensable…a work which has no parallel…a handbook of empowerment."-Walter G. Muelder, Boston University School of Theology

"Already recognized as a major contribution to the growth and understanding of nonviolent action…"-Amnesty International

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