The Politics of Nonviolent Action: The Methods of Nonviolent Action

The Politics of Nonviolent Action is a major exploration of the nature of nonviolent struggle. This unabridged edition is in three volumes: Power and Struggle, The Methods of Nonviolent Action, and The Dynamics of Nonviolent Action.

The Methods of Nonviolent Action gives a detailed examination of 198 specific methods of the technique — illustrated with actual cases — within the broad classes of nonviolent protest and persuasion, non-cooperation (social, economic and political) and nonviolent intervention. This book examines revolutionary events including the American Revolution, through common sense and analysis.


"It is a book as necessary in the office or study…Profound and down-to -earth, contemporary and historical, world-embracing but relevant…"-Margaret Mead, American Journal of Orthopsychiatry

"An encyclopedic treatment of the theory and practice of nonviolence."-Foreign Affairs

"…one of the most important books on social change and nonviolence in this century."-Severyn Bruyn, American Journal of Sociology

"…an intellectual contribution with profound social and moral implications."-Louis Kriesberg, Social Forces

"It is doubtful that there is anyone…who has given more thorough, systematic and thoughtful attention to the analysis of nonviolent action techniques than Gene Sharp…"-Herbert Kelman, Harvard University

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