Did the US Win the Greek Elections?

More than two decades ago, the Greek Satirical “To Pontiki” [The Mouse] published an article based on the information contained in a text in “Soberania”, a Nicaraguan magazine of the Sandinistas. The article mentioned some facts about a Cuban former policeman of Batista, the dictator ousted by Fidel Castro. The CIA, defending the Cuban policeman, sued the satirical. Witness for the CIA against the satirical magazine was a Greek [repeat: Greek] politician, Virginia Tsouderou, daughter of a former Prime Minister of Greece and a PhD holder from a British University.

Now, Ms. Tsouderou had informed us Greeks that during a reception in the U.S. Embassy in Athens on a 4th of July celebration she struck a conversation with an American lady, member of the Embassy staff. Ms. Tsouderou related that in that conversation she got the surprise of her life, as she realized that the American lady was deeply informed on the history of the Greek people, even better than an educated native and in addition a member of the Greek Parliament, as she [Ms. Tsouderou] was.

Had Ms. Tsouderou, the diligence and maybe the “interest” to read the book by Philip Agee, “Inside the Company: CIA Diary,” published quite a few years before that 4th of July, she would not be that much surprised by the erudition of the American lady on the history of the Greek people. There is a great possibility [if not a certainty] that the lady was a member of the CIA station in the U.S. Embassy in Athens. Which means that she was an expert on what the CIA calls the “profile” of a people; the profile of the Greek People, in the case under consideration.

Therefore, on the basis of that rich and “scientific” background, on the profile of the Greek people, the U.S. Empire and its proxies [especially the German one], seeing that SYRIZA, a leftist party, was about to win the elections of January 25 in Greece, they decided that they had to act.

Also, given that Greece, once again, is considered to be the “gate” to the Middle East, as characterized by Noam Chomsky in his description of the “George Kennan era”, especially, today, for the critical value of the property “owned” by the U.S., NATO, and the Israelis in the Military base at Souda Bay in Crete, the Greek elections were of paramount importance.

Here is, a possible estimate of what the Empire could do to protect its “property”:

– First it had to prevent SYRIZA to have the number of votes that would allow it to govern by itself, without the help of another party, in a coalition. As the protest-vote of the, almost demolished Greek middle class which has been driven close to the poverty limit, was to be the decisive factor in the result of the elections, it had to divert these votes away from SYRIZA. Traditionally, the middle class, worldwide, votes in a “centrist” direction. So, a few months ago, a journalist, out of the blue, “created” a “centrist” party. He named it “The River” [To Potami, in Greek] and got 6.05 percent of the votes.

Also, there was the “creation” of a number of strange small parties that could divert some votes away from SYRIZA. For example, a party called the “Period” [the punctuation mark!] was “created” by an actor.

– Second, in most countries controlled by the Emperor the most important “asset” are the military. The Greek “Ministry of Defense”, houses its top brass military in an orthogonal building, which is known to the Greeks as the … “Pentagon.” A list of the Greek politicians that have been “Ministers of Defense” for the last 67 years, since 1947 the year the British left Greece, as they were broke, and the U.S. took over, could be quite revealing.

To form a viable government SYRIZA was forced to form a coalition with the party of the “Independent Greeks,” which got 4.75 percent of the votes, thus positioned in the 6th place in the Parliament. The leader of that party, Panos Kammenos, an ideologue of the extreme Right, has been close to SYRIZA on the problem of the economic and social attack against the Greek people by the world economic elites with Germany as its proxy weapon. However, Kammenos is fervent nationalist, deeply “religious”, and very “patriotic.” That is, the perfect person to become the Greek Minister of Defense with complete approval by the [real] Pentagon in D.C.

So, did the U.S. and its proxies win the Greek elections?

– They got their “usual” Minister of Defense.

– Also, they can topple the SYRIZA government any time, if Kammenos, the junior partner in the government, agrees to quit.

– Incredibly, they managed to avoid a permanent leftist solution of the Greek problem; a coalition government of SYRIZA and the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), as the latter won 5.47 percent of the votes. Inexplicably the KKE for the last few decades does what benefits the U.S. Embassy. Also, today in the upper tiers of the Greek Communists there are … fanatic religious people!

– They managed to turn a group of a few dozen Nazi-thugs into a political party.

But what about the Greek people?

– Through their votes they brought in the forefront a group of mostly young Greek men and Greek women, as members of the SYRIZA government, who are honest and politically mature persons. This valuable political mature background started in their youth as members of the Youth of the Greek Communist Party, the KKE, was followed by discarding the “customary” leadership and the “religiousness” of a communist party and by turning themselves into Leftists. Not only that, most of them in their future involvement could allow their innate libertarian tendency, as humans, to guide them towards even a “pareconized[participatory] society. Which is anathema not only for the local Greek elites but especially for the European proxies of the Emperor and the Emperor himself, as it could initiate the spread of the legendary “virus” over Europe and beyond.

– Will the Greek people have the stamina to support or better protect these SYRIZA people from the grotesquely “vile” intentions and behavior of not only the Emperor but of the upper middle classes of the Northern European nations and their “blond” arrogance, e.g. the Finns and the Dutch? I think they will. As a matter of fact, a poll taken January 30 showed that about 65 percent of the Greeks approve of the decisions and the acts of the 5-day-old SYRIZA Government. In this respect, SYRIZA should take seriously into account the privately owned quisling TV channels, especially those “journalists” who are simply “collaborators” in the sense of an occupying force [in this case Frau Merkel and Herr Schaueble].

– Here are two examples of these “vile” intentions and behavior:

* On the eastern coast of Paros, one of the most nice Aegean islands, quite a few years ago a very sympathetic couple, a Greek actor with his Austrian wife, had built a tiny open theater of about 50 seats and for more than a decade they offered evening concerts of baroque music. Today the tiny theater and the buildings in the property were bought by a French lady, a sculptress [of silly contraptions, yet in the vogue money-wise], who spent thousands of Euros to “ameliorate” the place installing even an electronic little gate at the access road. About five miles away lives F. who works as domestic help, and her Husband M., a construction worker, with their two children, Greeks born and raised in Paros, with roots going back thousands of years. Last winter F. told me on the phone that she did not have money to buy a loaf of bread. During this summer of 2014, besides cleaning toilets, she had a part-time job as a dish-washer at a restaurant for the month of August, the peak of the tourist period. Conclusion: The Europeans are buying the Greek islands for peanuts, while the native population is decimated.

* There is this Dutch person, called Jeroen Dijsselbloem, one of the top dogs of the European Union, or something, who was in Athens Jan. 30. The man exudes arrogance and authoritarianism, if not cruelty. Who chose this person as a “leader” affecting the lives of millions of ordinary people? Ignoring any claim that Dijsselbloem was elected or something, history teaches us how and why certain persons are chosen to power. David [Rockefeller] chose “Kissy” of Harvard [also known as Heinz Alfred Kissinger, or Henry Kissinger], Adolf Hitler chose Goebbels, and so on.

I wonder what Dijsselbloem, that sympathetic gentleman, has to say about the Jan. 31 article, in the International edition of the New York Times, by Paul Krugman who writes: “[Y]ou can think of European policy as involving a bailout, not of Greece, but of creditor-country banks … Doing the right thing would …  require  that other Europeans, Germans in particular, abandon self-serving myths and stop substituting moralizing for analysis.”

So, did the U.S. win the Greek elections? No!

To close: The Nazis won 6.28 percent of the votes, now positioned as the third party in the Greek Parliament with 17 seats.

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