Disenfranchising Latino Voters

Number of states that have enacted voting restrictions, which a new report from the Advancement Project finds will have a disproportionate effect on Latino voters: 23


Estimated number of Latino voters who could be adversely affected by the new restrictions: 10 million


Number of Latino citizens in the United States: 21 million


Percent of eligible voters they represent: 10


Percent of registered voters they represent: 8


The potential Latino electorate in the United States, given naturalization eligibility and young Latinos turning 18: 25 million


Percent of the nation's eligible voters that represents: 12.2


Percent of eligible voters who are Latino in Florida, one of the states that has enacted restrictive voting laws: 26


Number of times by which that exceeds the margin of victory in the 2008 presidential election: 9


Number of states undertaking purges of registered voters who allegedly are not citizens: 16*


Number of naturalized citizens from Latin America — potential targets of voter purges unless they can provide their citizenship — who live in those states: 1.1 million


Of the 2,068 accusations of voter fraud in the U.S. since 2000, number that involved a noncitizen casting an ineligible vote: 56


Number of states that have enacted laws requiring registered voters to show a state-issued photo ID before casting a regular ballot: 9**


Estimated percent of Latinos who do not possess a photo ID: 16


Percent of non-Hispanic whites who lack such ID: 6


Of the total eligible Latino electorate in the United States in 2010, percent that reported they were not registered to vote: 29.4


Percent that reported they did not vote: 50.8


Percent of white citizens of voting age who were unregistered: 17.9


Percent who reportedly did not vote: 38.2


* Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington

** Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin

(The numbers in this index and the map are from "Segregating American Citizenship: Latino Voter Disenfranchisement in 2012," Advancement Project Voter Protection Program, Sept. 24, 2012.)


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