Israel; It, Finally, Happened!

It started quite a few years ago. The more the religious fanatics from New York (or is it the psychopaths "used" by the US elites?) as emigrants to Israel got the upper hand, the more I could detect a rather painful effort in rational and honest people to try not to express a thought that since 1945, the end of WWII, for them was considered a "blasphemy".


Blasphemy is defined as "irreverence toward something considered sacred or inviolable". Of course there are no such things that are "sacred" (deities, etc), but there are things that are considered inviolable and cannot be profaned. 


Such an inviolable word was and is the word "holocaust", with an "h" and not an "H". And, any honest person, will agree with Norman Finkelstein that "Holocaust" refers to the "holocaust" turned into an "industry" by dishonest and cynical people.


No need to reiterate why honest and rational people started having rather ugly thoughts about the holocaust. The US-controlled Israeli proxies gave enough cause for almost half a century to "push" these decent people to finally utter a blasphemy. The word "push" is their term. The final "push" came with the murders on the Turkish ship a few hours ago.


The blasphemy: "Hitler was right, he should have finished the job!"


Could one ever imagine that there would come a time when normal people would utter or feel like uttering such a blasphemy? Of course, as always, there were and still are the assholes who were and still are glad the holocaust happened. But we are talking about normal people who had tremendous respect for the innocent humans that were turned into ashes by the blond, white Christians. We repeat the word: "respect".


"The music heard from the loudspeakers as a blue-colored bus is entering Kabul with celebrating people of the Northern Alliance all over it… is one of the songs of [Mikis] Theodorakis’s ‘Ballad of Mauthausen’. The ballad tells ‘the story of life and death at the Nazi concentration camp of Mauthausen, in Austria,… One of the songs expresses ‘the anguish of a Jewish prisoner on learning that the woman he loves had been taken to the gas chamber’. The powerful music of Mikis, dedicated to the suffering of the Jews, was played by Muslims in Kabul. This, indeed, is a world in confusion." [My ZNet Commentary, "Do the(Ordinary) Americans Know?", of Dec. 12, 2001]. 


Mikis Theodorakis, a Greek with roots in Crete and Asia Minor, had the decency to compose the most important work of art for the victims of the holocaust, out of respect for those victims. The Perezes, the Livnis, the Netanyahus, the Baraks, etc, never gave a shit about the holocaust. They were and are part of the "Holocaust Industry". They "pushed", normal people to mention the name of Hitler in this way!


Who are these people, the Israelis, who not only they do not respect the victims of the holocaust but they do not respect the entire human population of the planet? Where do they draw their power from?


In any given population (possibly due to "anthropological" reasons) the majority of the people are decent and rational persons. The same holds for the Israelis. Yet, there is a paradox. A minuscule group that call themselves "orthodox" rule this majority! They are the "orthodox of hate".


Take  the Greek "orthodox Christians": A few years ago the now deceased "Archi-something" (the head) of the Greek Orthodox Church managed to have about 3 million Greeks, around 1/3 of the entire Greek population, oppose the Greek Government on a ridiculous matter of not mentioning the Orthodox Religion on the Greek Identification (ID) cards. This fraction of 1/3, gave the Orthodox the power to threaten the political system of the Greek people and dictate their own (hate based) terms. They still do, even though they did not succeed with the ID cards, because of the European Union.


The same holds for Israel. Of course, this minuscule group does not act alone. It needs the power of numbers. So, using religion as an instrument it turns normal people into a herd of "fellow travelers". However, even this minuscule group of "professional believers", ultimately are an instrument of the US economic elites. 


However, there is an aspect of the above (religious based) paradox that is unfathomable. "He grabbed me, tickling and wrestling like I did with my dad, and I thought at first it was fun … But then something changed … He started grabbing my genitals. I felt him rubbing against me from the behind … I was so scared … I looked out the window. I started praying." These are the words of Bernie McDaid, of Salem, Mass, now 54, as printed in the June 7, 2010 international issue of  "Time" magazine. Here is the paradox: "McDaid’s devout mother was delighted whenever the priest arrived to pick up her son, just 11 when the abuse started… He [Daid] finally spoke to his dad, who then took him to the next town [!!!] to report what had happened. ‘We waited for months. Then there was a rotation of priests… The Priest, Father Joseph Birmingham, went on to abuse boys in three other parishes in the Boston area before he died in 1989.’ " [Emphasis added]


The only comment on the above paragraph: This clique of religious "operatives" has turned this world into one of fear, irrationality and cowardice.


This, use of religion, of any "color", as an "instrument" of all kinds of violence is a very serious problem. It cannot be ignored any more. Especially, its Israeli component cannot be ignored.


[Note: This should not be taken as a wrong generalization about religious people. The humanitarian activities and the heroism of Catholic priests in Central and South America has been amply described by Noam Chomsky and others.] 


Let us be realists. Israel brims with nukes. It is more than certain that some of the "orthodox" crazies have their fingers on the button. The assumption is that the "rational" Americans control these fingers.


Two days ago at a tumultuous gathering of retired civil engineers in Athens to discuss the future cuts in our pensions, now planned by the IMF, a few seats away sat Y…, a Jew, and a classmate of mine in the Polytechnic. Y… and I grew old together since we first met 60 years ago. Y… avoided the holocaust because his family was protected by Greeks. Y… does not give a shit about Israel, Livni, Netanyahu, etc.


So, does Y… has to base his life and the life of his family on the "assumption" of the rationality of the Americans? 


The world has to act, now, to erase the above "blasphemy" from the minds of decent people.


Only WE, all of us, can save the Palestinians from the genocidal barbarism of Israel and the world from the Israeli nukes and finally punish the murderous "orthodox" at Nuremberg.


Let us express our esteem for the people of Turkey and follow their example.

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