The Lists of Death and Shame

Once more, this is a message addressed to ordinary Americans concerning the crimes committed by the US elites in their name.


In the various presentations of the WikiLeaks documents we find the following "technical" terms: "capture/kill lists" (International Herald Tribune, July 26, ’10), "Joint Prioritized Effects List" (Der Spiegel, Nr. 30, ’10), "High Value Targets" (Der Spiegel), etc.


These are "lists" of humans to be killed by young American males following orders issued by mature American adults like Dick Cheney (and W. Bush, his protege), Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Obama, Panetta, etc.


[Note: According to the Nuremberg Tribunal the young American males that do the killing are as guilty of war crimes as the "adults" who order the killing.]


Now, who are the people on these lists, that are condemned to death, and how are these lists compiled?  


As always, history is a useful instrument to help one understand what is going on in this (rather tragic) world.


On April 21, 1967, a group of Greek army officers, as instruments of the CIA, established a brutal dictatorship in Greece. The moment that the army tanks rolled in the streets of Athens the military handed to the police a "list" of men and women of the Left that were to be arrested immediately. There were more than 15,000 names on that list. The people arrested were imprisoned in concentration camps.


[Parenthesis: These people could not be killed in 1967 in Europe, as it happened with more than 160,000 Greeks killed by the Greek proxies of the US elites in the 1940s, immediately after WWII. Truman and Ike did that, with the consent of Stalin, because it was "permissible" in the 1940s. Not so in the Europe of 1967.]


In Athens all these thousands of men and women were initially confined to the Athens "Hippodrome" (horse racetrack). Later, Heinz Alfred Kissinger (a.k.a Henry "Kissy") and Pinochet repeated this Nazi solution in Chile. Only this time, in Chile, they could kill as many people as they thought was sufficient.


However, it seems that in the Athens "Hippodrome", there was at least one "High Value Target", according to the present terminology used by the US in Afghanistan. The target: Panagiotis Elis.


Panagiotis Elis in the late 1940s was a handsome young man and a leftist. He spent a couple of years in  the US supervised "Makronisos" (Long Island) concentration camp, the notorious Greek island. Out of the more than 100,000 prisoners in the camp only 9 (repeat: 9) persons did not succumb to the almost daily torture. An "anomaly", since most humans succumb to torture.


One of the most vicious persons in the concentration camp was Dimitris Ioanidis, a young captain of the Greek army. He was well aware of the Elis case and the man’s bravery.


Elis was among the prisoners in the Athens "Hippodrome" racetrack, after the rolling of the Dictatorship tanks. At some point he asked the guard to allow him to go to the toilet. For this he was escorted by Katsaris, a young second lieutenant of the Greek army. On the way back, from the toilet area, Katsaris shot and killed Elis by shooting him in the back. This was the only killing in the camp out of more than ten thousand prisoners.


Now, Ioanidis, a high ranking officer by now, was the "eminence grise" of the dictatorship. Actually, this great "patriot" was chosen by Heinz Kissinger and the CIA to invade Cyprus and create the "Cyprus Problem" between Greece and Turkey.


My estimate is that Katsaris killed Elis under orders by Ioanidis. For Ioanidis, prisoner Elis, was a "High Value Target". 


Today Ioanidis, in his 90s, is rotting in prison since 1975, for 30 years. Let this be a lesson for the Iraqis and the Afghans who collaborate with the US in their occupied countries. The CIA did not give a shit for the fate of Ioanidis, after he did the dirty work for them.


Katsaris was condemned to 8 years in prison for the killing of Elis.


In the mid-50s I met the sister of Elis, a crushed and bitter woman, after the killing of her brother. She was born while her brother was in the concentration camp. One evening, when she was 14 years old, as she and her friends were strolling at the promenade of her home town she noticed a handsome young man among the strollers and she mentioned it to her friends. Her friends, knowing who the young man was, in a  protective manner revealed to her gradually that he was her brother. At that time Elis was temporarily out of prison, as he spent decades in and out of prison, being a…leftist!


Stories like this are happening this very moment all over the world thanks to the Bushes and the Obamas, in the name of ordinary Americans,


Let us go back to the "lists". By whom and how are these lists compiled? The late Phil Agee, a former CIA officer who had the honesty to get out of the murderous organization and open our eyes, in his book "Inside the Company" (Penguin, 1975) tells us that these lists are compiled by the CIA in the US Embassy of each country. 


The number of the CIA personnel in these embassies is finite; a dozen to a couple of dozens. Therefore the only source of information for the lists of people to be killed, etc, inevitably, is found in the occupied population itself; the "informants" of the local police stations of the occupied country, the repulsive finks in any given population. The information shit gathered in local police stations through the finks is passed to the US Embassy, where the CIA criminals evaluate it and make the lists for future use.


Here is an example of such an informer. In the early 1950s the next-door family to our family in Athens had a daughter. She was about 18 and I was around 20. One morning she and a couple of her friends accosted me as I was leaving our place and, giggling, showed me a piece of paper on which printed in Greek letters was a French couplet. The girls asked me to translate it for them. I translated it verbatim in Greek: "I love you, I adore you. What else do you want?" ( Zae vooz aem, zae vooz adore. Qu’ es que voo voole z’ ankor?). They thanked me and left giggling.


It seems that the couplet had a catalytic effect. The girl answered with a "yes" to her suitor of whom she was not sure if she wanted him as a husband.


Her suitor, was an informer to the local police station. (An especially repulsive fink). Now, suppose that I, instead of simply translating verbatim the French couplet, I had added some comment, let us say about the silliness of the situation, which the girls could repeat to the fink. My name could have ended on a US Embassy list for future…use.


One could ask what is more deadly: a US drone, a cluster bomb, etc or a CIA "list"? In number of victims, the "list" could be more deadly.


The events described above took place from the late 1940s on, in Greece. Similar events took place and are taking place all over the world to this day, for more than 60 years. Again, in the name of ordinary Americans.


Should ordinary Americans feel, if not responsible, at least accomplishes in these acts of the US elites?


Assuming that most of the Republicans and some of the Democrats constitute the (usual) 1/3 of the US society who are assholes, as in any other society, then the 2/3 of the US society who are "normal" people should start thinking about things like these lists of death and shame and what they mean in human pain. It is only this 2/3 who can give an answer to the above question of complicity. And as Noam Chomsky never tires to repeat: It is only the American people who are in a position to change this situation.


Thus, ordinary Americans should be proud that their society has raised people like Daniel Ellsberg (of the Pentagon Papers), Phil Agee (of "Inside the Company"), and others with similar honesty and courage.


Finally, one is prompted to ask a pivotal question: What is the REASON that the US elites spread death and evil around the world?


– Was it the original George Kennan’s "containment" of the Soviets?


– Is it Bushe’s (father) "terrorism" substitute for the "containment", now that things could not be laid to "the doorstep of the Soviets"?


– Is it for the US to spread democracy (and Christianity) to the world?


– Is it to spread US (Hollywood) culture in the world?


– Is it to secure cheap gas for the cars of ordinary Americans?


– Is it to conquer the world, as Alexander the Great, Napoleon, and Hitler attempted to do?


– Is it for producing and selling arms to the world and gain some dollars?


My answer: For no REASON!

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