So now we’re getting all the ‘Green Shoots’ stories, the ‘Back from the Brink’ stories, the year anniversary of the ’28 Days That Shook the World!’ stories, the ‘Worst is Over’ stories. That’s great. And with $5 Trillion of global citizens cash pumped into that evil beast of an economy you’d want to be seeing green shoots. We expect to see a whole fcking jungle for that price.

The only possible ‘green shoots’ in this whole stinking pile of shit is the slight hope that the financial crisis has shown to all just how much governments can do when they want to. Trillions of dollars. Trillions. Emergency summits. Private jets flying in from everywhere to plead for billions of dollars of help. And getting it. Do not forget all that. Too big to fail. The Earth is too big to fail. Humanity is too big to fail. It takes a very expensive degree coupled with a foul-smelling six figure salary to logically justify why it can’t be done.

Find me the green shoots sprouting in people’s consciousness, that foggy boggy media-raped slave that is the modern human psyche.

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