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Who are Sustainers?

Z Sustainers are a group of people who donate to our operations on a regular basis. Z operations literally exists due to their largesse!

If you can’t make a periodic donation, you can still be a member and get a basic ZSpace page. ZSpace being the gathering place for our members and Sustainers. Those who choose to donate on a regular basis, however, as Sustainers, get additional features.

If you already know you wish to do so – Sign Up Now

Basic ZSpace Membership

Free ZSpace membership lets you access Blog and Forum posts, and comments throughout the site.

You can also access reviews, ZSpace pages of writers and users, and community preference tallies.

In addition, You receive not only the right to read all ZSpace content, but also your own basic ZSpace page to which you can upload a personal picture and biographical information.

Basic members also receive free weekly mailings from Z with information, articles, etc. and memberrs can also post their personal preferences regarding books, music, and films, to be compiled into the community wide database and also to display on your ZSpace page.


Basic Sustainers Receive Nightly Commentaries

Beyond being a Basic Member, one can become a Z Sustainer by pledging a monthly or annually repeating donation to the operations. This conveys additional benefits to users, as well as financing Z’s existance.

For donating at least $2 or more a month or $25 a year, Z Sustainers get all the above basic features and also receive a nightly commentary mailing, get access to Z Magazine Online from the moment it is posted, and get to join ZSpace networks – this is groups of individuals who are in ZSpace and who establish collective pages about their interests, etc., with a network/group blog, and other features.

Large Sustainers Access Z Magazine Online

Large donor Sustainers who contribute at least $4 or more a month, or $50 a year, get all the basic sustainer benefits and also receive site wide commenting capacity – commenting on all artilces, blog posts, reviews, etc. and can also participate in the forums, posting and commenting throughout, which includes participating in the mutual aid forums, for getting advice and direct aid from other ZSpace members.

Large Sustainers also get the option of receiving RSS feeds of Z Communications content, choosing everything or only elements of the total by topic, place, author, etc.

Major Sustainers Blog

Sustainers who donate at least $7 a month, or $85 a year, receive all the above plus they also get to have their own blog which is in turn part of the overall ZSpace blogging system, including many Z Writers.

Major Sustainers can also upload as many graphics, articles, poems or other files as they wish, for display from their ZSpace page.

Mega Sustainer Get 50% Discounts

Sustainers who donate at least $10 a month, or $120 a year, receive, in addition to everything above, 50% off on all Z Store purchases. This includes includes Z Magazine print subscriptions and renewals, Z Videos, and, also, fees for courses in ZEO. In time it will include, as well, fees for short books we will be producing.

Monster Sustainers Enjoy 100% Discounts

For those who want to and are in position to help us at a still higher level, you can provide a recurring donation of $50 a month or $600 a year (or more) and not only get all the above, but you also receive one of any/every item in the store – free – (though you can have only one video a month and one course per each of four yealy sessions, and up to one book a month, free, when we do them.

So you get a free print sub each year, twelve free videos, four courses, free mugs, and twelve free books, when we do them. The total cost of what you get, bought in the store would be roughly $650 a year.

How Do
I Sign Up

There are sign up links throughout our sites – or you can use this link wit hno further delay – Sign Up Now




  1. Igor de Brouhns February 16, 2015 4:13 pm 

    i ‘m writing from France. I’m not easy with English. On thé both side of Atlantic ocean many think That the system is toxic. We have to join our forces,in a mutual débats, and possibilities to have money for our fight.
    Many of your articles have to be translate in the maximum of langage spahis,arabic, french,Swazi, etc….I participate to the ChangeBook a concurrents against Fb.
    If join you Have to pay in us dollars or in Euro. In the Other hand if american people want to debat with european people how they can do.
    The purpose is to bring an international forces against the massiv usual média. We need you as you need us. Our aim are similaire end of the globalization.
    To much informations kilo reals informations.
    We have to think on it. Otherwise we will ever on the side of the looser. United to change thé world!
    Best regards

  2. Carl Wingo November 5, 2014 5:10 pm 

    Both sign up now links on this page are broken. I get a 404 Page not Found message.

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