Michael Ross: Family Farm

Family Farm No fields to plow or stock to feed or heirloom seeds to sow Just a weekly check, a big tv, and a tiny lawn to mow A couple little doggies to walk up and down the street The neighbors grow tomatoes in a garden that they keep      It's been several generations since Read more…

Michael Ross: What Do Ya Say

What Do Ya Say What do ya say bout Stormy Weather It brings us together, tears up apart Batten down the hatches, kneel down and pray Stormy Weather, What do ya say.      What do ya say, What do ya say      Hayeeyheyhey hey, look for a brighter day      What do ya say bout Stormy Weather Read more…

Kathleen Pfeifle: hopelink unionbuster

union power

Barbara: Think about Tomorrow

Think about Tomorrow sing to the tune of Solidarity Forever (Battle Hymn of the Republic)   We live in Pennsylvania where the water's pure and clean The air is clear, the crops are good, the grass and trees are green We could lose it all tomorrow if we don't stand up today And this is Read more…

Aaron Cynic: Realism

?The world's not a real bad place but governments try to enslave the human race man made systems and martial law this is our human flaw We all live in an empire our situation is dire politicians are all liars they will meet their own hell firer Christian Zionist making Revelations come true look at Read more…

aaron kuryluk: I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times

I Keep Looking For A Place To Fit Where I Can Speak My Mind I've Been Trying Hard To Find The People That I Won't Leave Behind They Say I Got Brains But They Ain't Doing Me No Good I Wish They Could Each Time Things Start To Happen Again I Think I Got Something Read more…

Eduardo Castellanos: Fusil Contra Fusil

el silencio del monte va preparando un adiós la palabra que se dirá in memoriam será la explosión se perdió el hombre de este siglo allí, su nombre y su apellido son fusil contra fusil se quebró la cáscara del viento al sur, y sobre la primera cruz despierta la verdad todo el mundo tercero va Read more…

Jeremy M M: Marseillaise de la Paix

source pour la paternité Source des paroles De l’universelle patrie Puisse venir le jour rêvé De la paix, de la paix chérie Le rameau sauveur est levé (bis) On entendra vers les frontières Les peuples se tendant les bras Crier : il n’est plus de soldats ! Soyons unis, nous sommes frères. Refrain : Plus Read more…

Russell Forden: The Freedom To Say No

I don’t mind if the sun doesn’t shine. – I’ll dance in the rain. I don’t care if the stocks they rise or if they fall. – Let ‘em fall. I ain’t scared of misfortune and Murphy’s law. – Murphy was an insurance salesman! It doesn’t bother me that I’ve got no insurance at all. Read more…

Russell Forden: Martians On Mandies

They’re pissed, real pissed, Coz the Martians got there before they did. But just like the Martians they’re taking over. But you wouldn’t know it from reading the paper. They’re Martians on mandies, Not talkin’ about marshmallow candies. I’m talkin’ about Martians on mandies. They’re disrespecting sovereignty, They seem to lack humanity, It’s historical irony. Read more…

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