G7 Dick Electro Boogie

If I were the Third World, My ass’d be numb from the
fucking. Could I get a word in? Before you slide the fucking turd in? Taken
all the G7 Dick I can handle.
Time to go down and bite off the roman candle. Thanks for all the aid now I
pay you back triple. Business as usual, gang rape a cripple. You got the
GATT in the small of my back. So ya wanna tell me where your conscience is

Thanks for the AID, you Traders enslave.

Jesus God fuck it. Gotta make a profit. Pop it in the
coffin marked Structural Adjustment. Check out the
scenery, high yielding greenery. Can’t feed the kids
but would you like a cup of coffee? Chemical intravene,
fat plantation. Where’d you get the shit? Oh buy it from
Satan. Just round the corner service with a smile. His
first name’s Carr his last name’s gill.

Another sick pauper ha I don’t want to bore you. You’ve
got me by the balls so of course I abhor you. Well I
just work here but I can sympathise. You fuck with
world bank they cut you down to size. I.M.F. are Insane
Mother Fuckers. The pushers come to shove us with the
shit from above us. Bad Karma no drama. But just try
fuck with the Indian farmers.

The Traders Enslave, Dig them a grave.

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