If you believe you have an equal share
In the whole wide world and all it bears
An’ that your share is no less or more than
Your fellow sisters and your brother man
Then take this knowledge and with it insist
Declare yourself an internationalist

If you lay no blame at the feet next door
And realise this struggle is also yours
And without the strenght of us all together
The world as it stands will remain forever
Then take this challenge and make it exist
Rise up as an internationalist

If your eyes see deeper than the colour of skin
Then you will also see we are the same within
An’ the rights you expect are the rights of all
Now its up to you to lead the call
That liberty must come at the top of the list
Stand proud as an internationalist

If you see the mistake in having bosses at all
You will also see how they all must fall
For under this system there’s no such thing
As democracy our leaders would sing
No time for lies now as only truth must persist
Rise up now and declare yourself an

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