Site Administrator: …And We Thought That Nation-States Were A Bad Idea

"Publicly subsidized! Privately profitable!" That’s the anthem of the upper-tier (the puppeteer untouchable). We focus a moment, nod in approval and bury our head back in the bar-codes of these neo-colonials while our former nemesis (ah, the romance!): the nation-state, now plays fund-raiser for a new brand of power-concentrate. Try again, but now we’re confused- Read more…

Sylvain Bérubé: Punk Rock Song

have you been to the desert? have you walked with the dead? there’s a hundred thousand children being killed for their bread and the figures don’t lie they speak of human disease but we do what we want and we think what we please have you lived the experience? have you witnessed the plague? people Read more…

Brad Wilson: The Farm Bill Train

(tune:  The Cruel War) (This is part of my effort to bring mainline churches back on board on farm bill issues.     A secular version could be developed with a few modifications.  )            G                     Em   C             D7 Read more…

Philip Gan: They’re building a wall

They’re building a wall, a wall between friends, a wall that justifies, any means for their ends. A wall between Semites, between rich and poor, brothers and sisters, from not so long before. Many feet thick and 20 feet high. Noone can look through it and into the eye of a person you might now Read more…

Philip Gan: Jail for justice

Was it Cesar Chavez Maybe it was Dorothy Day? Some say Dr King or Ghandi Set them on their way But no matter who your mentors are, It’s pretty plain to see: If you’ve been to jail for justice, You’re in good company. Chorus:   Have you been to jail for justice?   I wanna Read more…

Philip Gan: The Internationale

Stand up, all victims of oppression, For the tyrants fear your might! Don’t cling so hard to your possessions, For you have nothing if you have no rights! Let racist ignorance be ended, For respect makes the empires fall! Freedom is merely privilege extended, Unless enjoyed by one and all. Chorus:   So come brothers Read more…

Philip Gan: Bella Ciao

Una mattina mi son svegliato, o bella, ciao! bella, ciao! bella, ciao, ciao, ciao! Una mattina mi son svegliato, e ho trovato l’invasor. O partigiano, portami via, o bella, ciao! bella, ciao! bella, ciao, ciao, ciao! O partigiano, portami via, ché mi sento di morir. E se io muoio da partigiano, (E se io muoio Read more…

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