Share The Land

Have you been around

Have you done your share of coming down

On different things that people do

Have you been aware

You got brothers and sisters who care

About what’s gonna happen to you

In a year from now…

Maybe I’ll be there to shake your hand

Maybe I’ll be there to share the land

That they’ll be giving away

When we all live together.

Did you pay your dues

Did you read the news

This morning when the paper landed in your yard

Do you know their names

Can you play their games

And coming down a bit too hard…

Shake your hand, share the land

Shake your hand, share the land

You know I’ll be standing by

To help you if you worry….

[trailing off]

No more sadness, no more sorrow, no more bad times

every day coming sunshine, everyday everybody laughing

walking together by the river, walking together and

laughing, everybody singing together, everybody singing and

laughing, good times good times, everybody walking by the

river now, walking singing talking smiling laughing loving

each other.

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