The Shipment

It ain’t Indonesia, China White
Purple-Haired Thai, Big H Delight
Take my shit, we gon’ havta fight
I’m always rollin’ dirty so be actin’ riiight!

I’m bombing uppercut swipes as my knuckles ignite
More strikes than a teachin’ staff’s fight for pay hikes
Like cleats wit’ spikes I cling to my turf tight
Get low like a Smurf might
Earth is my birthright

You salivate at the sound of the bell
I come sick and make your lymph nodes swell
Nickle-plated teeth and tongue as well so you can tell
When I’m shootin’ off my mouth the politicians start to bail

When I shoot Furhmans scoot, I’m yellin’ gimme all the loot
Bourgeoisie pimpin’ me, now my digits don’t compute
Chillin’ in the house of ill repute
But is you wearin’ canvasols or purple-pinstripe suits?

Fact of earth and comets: macroeconomics
Yak until you vomit or come up on a lick
Sweat oozin’ out my skin just to get another fin
Changed my name to Valerie so I can get WIC

Savage stormtroopers be less than seducin’
Jailtime producin’ — silly Liliputians!
This Gulliver come equipped wit’ a fo’-fo’
And 12 comrades in a box Chev fo’ do’

Skirtin’ down the strip wit’ a mission to render
And we don’t give a fuck if we missin’ a fender
Mix it in a blender
You ain’t home, return to sender
Cain’t be saved by cokenders or a public defender

This ain’t no macrobiotic chemical colonic
This political symphonic lyrical narcotic
Somethin’ much more potent that we plotted
Come and get some if you ain’t got it

(repeat chorus)

I accuse you of nigga-hating
And exploitating for profit-making
Don’t cop a plea
‘Cause I’m B double O-T from the C-O-U the P

I feel my epidermis at it’s firmest just before the skirmish
If you want green like Kermit, keep it heated like a thermos
Aspired to be famous, putting fire to their anus
Made the ruling class hate us more than child support payments

To Rosemary’s Baby
Pissin’ in your gumbo and they tell you "It’s all gravy!"
See you cain’t trust a big grip and a smile
And I slang rocks — but Palestinian style

Now there’s a rumble in the jungle
Never mumble though I’m humble
Couple rappers took a tumble
But my folks still want a crumble
Who’s pimpin’ your bundle?
I’m fly like Seth Brundle
If you’re snitchin’ to Columbo
We gon’ drop you like a fumble

Now what you make is point-oh-one percent
Of what the boss make
And what the boss take
Is keepin’ us from livin’ great
If this ain’t straight
You think you wanna sit down and negotiate
You better have a crew to help you shut down his estate

Don’t get frustrated, discombobulate it
Don’t stand and debate it, get a mob and take it!
‘Til then it’s food stamps, vouchers
Mildew smellin’ couches
Overturned garbage cans wit’ no Oscar The Grouches

Makin’ money sellin’ plastic pouches
As Mystical would say, "My flo’s covered wit’ roaches!"
Absitively, posolutely cain’t do without it
The Shipment is delivered, come and get it if you ’bout it

(repeat chorus)

Systematic playa-hation
Green paper complications
Got my ass an education
Can I get an application?

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