The Suit

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Can you picture him?
A shrewd businessman?
Living in the lap of high priced pleasure,
whilst regulating the de-regulation
Of his noble occupation

If you now can
See a shrewd businessman
We have succeeded in setting this seen of modernity
So let us marvel at the hero
Of realistic, idolatory

The pen is mightier than the sword
But what if they worked together?

Beware formality!
Under there, there is a murderer
The Suit – What are you hiding?
The Suit – Under that silky lining?
A pen loaded with warheads!

>From the creditor
and his third world loans
To the corporate CEO, elite doctrine requires
that for "expert" credentials
correct uniform, must be shown

Leon Brittan, Clintons Administration
Wool and cotton clad killers playing the good guys
whist taking pride in those
policies you sign, big big men!

Genocide in a shirt and tie
Once the ink flows so does the blood
Beware formality
under there, there is a murderer…

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