June 2017
Volume 30
Number 6


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ACTIVIST CAMP - Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp will have sessions in July and August in CA, OR, and NY. YEA Camp is designed for activists 12-17 years old who want to make a difference in the world.


WHISTLEBLOWING - June 1-7 is International Week to Support Whistleblowing. Events and actions are planned all over the world.

Contact: Stand Up For Truth, c/o Institute for Public Accuracy, 980 National Press Building, Washington, DC 20045; 202-347-0020Æ;

LEFT FORUM - The Left Forum will be held June 2-4, at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City.

Contact: 212-817-2003;;

RURAL ARTS/CULTURE - The 2017 Rural Arts and Culture Summit will be June 2-4, in Morris, MN. This year’s theme, From the Ground Up: Cultivating Creative People and Places will highlight the important role of art and culture in shaping the rural narrative.

Contact: Springboard for the Arts, 218-770-3485; michele@ springboardforthe; http://www

BIKES - Bikes Not Bombs is holding its 30th annual Bike-A-Thon in Boston, MA on June 4.

Contact: Bikes Not Bombs, 284 Amory St., Jamaica Plain, MA 02130; 617-522-0222;;

FEMINIST CAMP - Feminist Camp is open to all who are interested in learning more about transforming feminist theory into practice. Camps are scheduled June 5-9 in New York City; June 26-30 in Seattle.


LABOR - The Eastern Conference For Workplace Democracy will be held June 9-11, at Fordham University Lincoln Center in New York City, in partnership with NYC Network of Worker Cooperatives and Fordham University Law School’s Economic Development Clinic.


LGBTQX/PRIDE - The National Pride March will be held June 11, in Washington, DC., Austin, TX, Portland, ME, Indianapolis, IN and other cities nationwide.

Contact: information available online.

MEDIA - The 24th annual Media Consortium Conference will be held June 13-15, in Boston, MA. The conference brings together over 100 leaders of independent news.


JUNETEENTH - June 16 is Juneteenth, a holiday celebrating the announcement of the end of slavery in Texas and in the rest of the U.S. through the Emancipation Proclamation; June 19 is Juneteenth Independence Day.

Contact: http://national juneteenth .com/Juneteenth_Movement.html.

MEDIA - The 19th annual Allied Media Conference will be held June 15-18, in Detroit. The conference brings together a vibrant and diverse community of people using media to incite change: filmmakers, radio producers, technologists, youth organizers, writers, entrepreneurs, musicians, dancers, and artists.

Contact: Allied Media Projects, 4126 Third St., Detroit, MI 48201; 313-718-2267;

ANTIWAR - The Stop the Wars at Home & Abroad conference will be June 16-18, in Richmond, VA, hosted bt the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC).


NUCLEAR - The Women’s March to Ban the Bomb will be June 17, in New York City. Sponsored by the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, a steering group member of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN).

Contact: http://www.;

LABOR - The LAWCHA (Labor and Working Class History Association) will hold its conference, Scales of Struggles: Communities, Movements, and Global Connections, June 23-25, in Seattle, WA.

Contact: LAWCHA, 226 Carr Building (East Campus), Box 90719, Duke University, Durham, NC 27708- 0719;;

REPARATIONS - The People’s Organization For Progress (POP) is calling a March  to demand Reparations for African Americans for the enslavement of African ancestors. June 24, in Newark, NJ.

Contact: People’s Organization For Progress, PO Box 22505, Newark, NJ 07101-2505; 973-801-0001;; http://

LA RAZA - The annual National Council of La Raza (NCLR) Conference is scheduled for July 8-11 in Phoenix, AZ, with workshops, presentations and panel discussions.

Contact: NCLR Headquarters Office, Raul Yzaguirre Building, 1126 16th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036; 202-785-1670;

CUBA - The 28th Friendshipment Caravan to Cuba is traveling through the US from July 11-28.


MEDIA - Alliance for Community Media (ACM) and the National Alliance for Media Arts & Culture (NAMAC) will host a joint conference in Minneapolis, July 12-14.

Contact: http://www. allcommunity

RADIO - The Annual National Federation of Community Broadcasters Community Media Conference will be held July 17-19, in Denver, CO, with break-out sessions, two keynotes, affinity group summits, panel discussions and tours around the host city.

Contact: 1101 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC 20004; 202-756-2268; comments;

TEACHERS - The Badass Teachers Association will have their annual conference in Seattle, WA, July 22-23.


WOMEN/PEACE - The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom 33rd Triennial Congress will be held July 27-30, in Chicago.


DEMOCRACY - The Democracy Convention, Universalizing Resistance, Democratizing Power! will be held August 2-6, at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.

Contact: http://www.democracyc

FOLK FESTIVAL - The Falcon Ridge Folk Festival will be held August 4-6, in the Berkshires, NY.


HIROSHIMA/NAGASAKI - August 5-8, annual Hiroshima Day and Nagasaki Day peace vigils and demonstrations will be held worldwide. Ground Zero Center’s weekend of events commemorating the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasakiace from August 7-9

Contact: 16159 Clear Creek Rd. NW, Poulsbo, WA 98370; 360-930-8697;

VETERANS/PEACE - Veterans for Peace annual convention is August 9-13 in Chicago. This year’s theme is, Education Not Militarization.

Contact: http://www.vfpnational

PEACE - The 18th Annual Kateri Peace Conference: Confronting the Politics of Fear, will be held August 17-18, in upstate New York

Contact: http://kateri

WOMEN’S CONFERENCE - The annual Twin Oaks Women’s Gathering will be held August 18-20.

Contact: 138 Twin Oaks Road # W, Louisa, VA 23093; 540-894-5126;; http://womens

DISSIDENT ARTS - The Dissident Arts Festival will take place August 19, in New York City.

Contact: John Pietaro, 646-599-0060;;


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