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Marjorie Cohn: Civil Rights Are on the Chopping Block in New Supreme Court Term

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Medea Benjamin: 10 Ways that the Climate Crisis and Militarism are Intertwined

To free up billions of Pentagon dollars for investing in critical environmental projects and to eliminate the environmental havoc of war, movements for a livable, peaceful planet need to put “ending war” at the top of the “must do” list

Ron Daniels: The Unfulfilled Power of the Black Vote

The forces of reaction realize that if Blacks maximize voter registration and mobilize/organize large voter turn-outs, it is a threat to their retrograde agenda

Danica Jorden: A New Caravan Heads North for the American Dream

They’re gathering in the early morning hours of Friday, October 12, 2018 outside the city. At least 100: nursing mothers and motherless teens, a man on crutches and another pushed by his brother in a wheelchair

Dr. Hakim: Nonviolent Afghans Bring a Breath of Fresh Air

War is not inevitable. It is an obsolete, repetitive choice. Everywhere, each of us can emulate these new-generation Afghans by ushering in breaths of fresh air

Ramzy Baroud: That Single Line of Blood: Nassir al-Mosabeh and Mohammed al-Durrah

This is not simply bad journalism, but part of a calculated Israeli campaign aimed at preemptively justifying the killing of children such as Nassir and Mohammed, and thousands like them

William Boardman: GOP Governor Defends His Trump-Style Ethics?

Instead of forthrightly addressing the reality he created, the governor chose to go paranoid and conspiratorial

Marjorie Cohn: Brett Kavanaugh is a Threat to Racial Justice and Voting Rights

In light of the proliferation of laws that pose obstacles to voting, the Supreme Court will have the opportunity to further eviscerate the Voting Rights Act

Gerry Mohan: BlacKkKlansman a Trump Cop-Out

BlackKklansman is a feel-good film. It’s a great film if we want to keep our feathers unruffled and sleep peacefully at night, embedded in the system, minds comfortably turned off

Steve Early: Big Money in Politics: Are Leading Democrats Really “On The Wagon” (or still sneaking a drink)?

Under pressure from the left lately and in response to strong public support for “clean elections,” putative foes of corporate influence have been forced to rebrand themselves as “progressives” who are free of “independent expenditure” taint

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