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Yves Engler: Homo Automotivis

Details on our damaging car cultural

Glenn Greenwald: The 1971 FBI Break-in

Challenging power

Norman Solomon: The CIA, Amazon, and Washington Post

Solomon corresponds with the Washington Post

Stephen Bergstein: Federal Court Rules Against NSA Phone Surveillance

Another recent court decision that abridges our freedoms

Matt Wuerker: Cartoons

Political cartoons by Matt Wuerker

David Barsamian: Mohamed Bouazizi & the Arab Revolts

An interview with Rami Khouri

Various Reviewers: Three Reviews

Reviews by Jeremy Kuzmarov, Edward S. Herman, and Jane Slaughter

Ramzy Baroud: Assessing Syria and Egypt

The promise of freedom is being violently reversed

Joel Gillin: Libyan Suffering, Western Ignorance

The chaos, lawlessness, and human rights abuses by the U.S./NATO after Gaddafi’s death

Colin Jenkins: The Fight for a Livable Wage

The current wave of labor/grassroots activism for a livable wage

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