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Sonali Kolhatkar: Dear Republicans, Was Your Deal With Trump Worth It?

The GOP and Trump deserve one another and have maintained a symbiotic relationship that has devastated the nation

Ramzy Baroud: The Great Divider: Covid-19 Reflects Global Racism, Not Equality

Poor, dark-skinned people should not be made to die when their lives can be saved by a simple vaccine, which is available in abundance

Martha Rosenberg: White Supremacy? It Goes To The Very Top Of The NRA

In January we saw the logical conclusion of the arm-yourself-against-government-tyranny rhetoric that the NRA promotes

Norman Solomon: In 2021, the Best Way to Fight Neofascist Republicans Is to Fight Neoliberal Democrats

What’s imperative for progressives is not to “speak truth to power” but to speak truth about power

Noam Chomsky: Three Major Threats to Life on Earth That We Must Address in 2021

Global problems of this scale require global cooperation

Noam Chomsky: Coup Attempt Hit Closer to Centers of Power Than Hitler’s 1923 Putsch

Whatever the fate of the individual, Trumpism will not be so easily contained. Its roots are deep

Thom Hartmann: COVID-19 and Trump’s Racism

Photo by bgrocker/Shutterstock   How is it that in Australia, it’s 3 out of every 100,000 people, and in New Zealand it’s 1 out of every 200,000 people, but here in America we’re dropping like flies? Chalk it up to Republican racism and a libertarian indifference to the notion of society. Trump’s official national emergency Read more…

Jack Rasmus: Gamestop—And the Game That Never Stops

Photo by lev radin/Shutterstock   This past week a video game company in trouble, Gamestop, became the center of media attention. Day traders had driven up the company’s stock price by thousands of percent in just one day. The mainstream media narrative was the “small guy” investor challenged the big boys of finance who had bet Read more…

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