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Various Contributors: Memorials for Ireland, Mandel, and Mandela

Remembering three activists from the U.S., Canada, and Africa

Robert Hunziker: The Inevitability of Radical Climate Change

There is indisputable evidence of climate change in the ocean

Allen Ruff: Operation Enduring America

The U.S. I Central Asia after Afghanistan?

Edward S. Herman: Rwanda and the New Scramble for Africa

Essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the recent history of Rwanda

Sue Katz: Blackpool Same-Sex Dance Festival

A report on The Wimbledon of Dance and challenges to gender assignments

jlc: Events, Books, Campaigns

Items of interest for radicals

Doug Morris: The Most Dangerous Belief: An Interview with Noam Chomsky

Chomsky answers questions from young people

David Barsamian: Kashmir and the Intifada of the Mind: An interview with Sanjay Kak

David Barsamian interviews Sanjay Zak on Kashmir, Uprisings, and filmmaking

Ramzy Baroud: Gaza is Flooded with Sewage and Conspiracies

The latest punishment of Gaza may seem like another familiar plot to humiliate the strip to the satisfaction of Israel, Mahmoud Abbas’s Palestinian Authority, and the military-controlled Egyptian government. But something far more sinister is brewing. This time, the collective punishment of Gaza arrives in the form of raw sewage that is flooding many neighborhoods Read more…

Bill Berkowitz: Doctors and Torture

The changing role of health professionals

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