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H. Patricia Hynes: Covid-19: The “Great Equalizer”?

There is a meme circulating in this time of pandemic that we are all in this together, that COVID-19 is, as New York Governor Cuomo stated, the “great equalizer.” From one vantage point, this appears to be true: as I write, news broke that a staff person to Vice President Pence and another to President Read more…

Sonali Kolhatkar: Why Conspiracy Theories Are So Dangerous

Getting past conspiracies is not easy to do, but it is imperative if we want to organize for a better world

Shahidur Rahman: As COVID-19 Ravages the Garment Industry, It’s Time for Consumers to Stand in Solidarity with the People Who Make Our Clothes

If there was any remaining debate about the sincerity of global fashion’s commitment to the people and communities on which it depends, however, it was settled in the wake of the current COVID-19 crisis

Martha Rosenberg: Tyson Opens Slaughterhouse Despite 1,000 Sick Workers

Even though 1,000 workers at Tyson’s slaughterhouse in Waterloo, Iowa, have tested positive for the coronavirus, it has reopened. Tyson has said last week it would begin slaughtering pigs. The company promised that workers would receive daily screenings and access to nurse practitioners, but many who can transmit the coronavirus are asymptomatic. At 2 other Read more…

Bill Fletcher: A response to the right-wing “reopen business” crowd: Be careful what one asks for

While my immediate feelings about what should happen to the right-wing anti-science protesters who paraded around cannot be put in writing, I will suggest that society should not be put at risk by those trapped in delusions

Sandy Smith-Nonini: To Re-Open Safely We Need a “Health Force” of Disease Detectives

At present local health departments and the CDC have only about 2,200 professional “disease detectives,” although other health staff often assist during a contagious outbreak Photo by theskaman306/     Conservative governors are now openly at odds with epidemiologists as plans move ahead for more than half the states to loosen social distancing and permit Read more…

Lawrence Wittner: If Farmworkers Are “Essential,” Why Are They Treated So Badly?

Over the course of U.S. history, farmworkers, although essential, have been terribly mistreated

Ted Glick: Trump’s Death Denialism

For the next six months, getting rid of Trump and as many of his overt supporters as possible is job number one, far and away

Andrew Moss: Racial Fault Lines and the Coronavirus

With almost 2.3 million people behind bars, the U.S. continues to have the highest number of prisoners in the world, a legacy of several decades of racially propelled policies of harsh sentencing and rapid prison building

Robert Koehler: Racism and the National Soul

The first institutional change would have to be in our criminal justice system and our underlying theory about the maintenance of social order. Disarm policing. Rethink justice

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